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Business Challenge

Buying software is a significant financial investment—one that’s frequently fraught with complex decisions about software components, licensing and terms. And your software shouldn’t just be technically excellent—it should also support and conform to your business needs and goals. After all, if your software doesn’t enable and advance your organization’s business processes, then your business isn’t running as efficiently as it could.


Even if you already own software products, it can be challenging and potentially time-consuming to manage vendor’s software licensing agreements. If you’re a parent company or subsidiary, your may have license distribution challenges, which can lead to license shortages. And if you own older license metrics, you may unknowingly be in breach of compliance.


These types of licensing situations all have a direct impact on your software support costs. To save money and ensure compliance, you need to optimize these arrangements, but doing so can be confusing and time-consuming.


With 20 years of experience in software solutions, Europora reduces the complexity of purchasing and owning Oracle software for our clients.


Solution Overview

Europora is a trusted advisor and respected Partner authorized to sell software & hardware products. Our deep familiarity with the software technology allows us to more effectively help you find the software solution that’s right for your business. From consulting and competitive pricing through implementation and product maintenance, we provide support throughout the lifecycle of your software products.

And if you already own software products, our Software License Review Service delivers a comprehensive analysis of your existing Oracle licensing, support, and pricing configuration. As a neutral third party, we analyze your current licensing solution against your actual software installation to minimize your costs and optimize your software investment.



By utilizing Europora to purchase and/or renew your Software Technology, you benefit from: