Support Services

Business Challenge

Keeping your IT environment operational and optimized is a full-time job. Even with smooth-running systems, tactical Oracle infrastructure challenges can arise quickly.

Sometimes, routine maintenance needs simply overburden busy in-house resources. While your staff is focused on day-to-day activities, you may need additional help to resolve issues related to Oracle database performance, re-platforming, database migration, or high availability. Although your staff may be capable of performing these tasks, they are probably already stretched too thin. In addition, a sudden problem or acute need—such as disaster recovery—can create an immediate demand for particular DBA skills.

Whether your in-house IT department is understaffed or lacks skills in narrowly focused, but important areas, you may benefit from the support provided by outside, tactical experts. Outside resources have more specialized skills and can focus on the solution without day-to-day work distracting them. This approach is particularly well suited for overflow work or acute challenges.

With an average of more than 15 years of Oracle experience, Europora database consultants are prepared to handle any challenge that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Solution Overview

Europora Oracle DBA and Database Services provides on-site, expert DBA resources to help you with your tactical Oracle database needs.

Europora is an excellent alternative to hiring full-time personnel or engaging in-house staff in a new project. Europora provides fully supported expert resources who are able to communicate and consult with both your business and technical personnel. We cover a wide range of possible needs and always strive for quick resolution of your specific problem.

Our knowledge-sharing approach ensures you receive not just the skills and help you need, but also the support of the entire Europora organization. Our resources blend in with your IT team and work together with them seamlessly.


Europora Oracle DBA and Database Services benefits include the following:

  Flexible delivery—Use outside help only when you need it.

  Broad experience—Europora’s seasoned Oracle experts have experience with all kinds of operational challenges.

  Quick resolution—Quickly and effectively address tactical infrastructure needs.

  Knowledge transfer—Cultivate new skills in your staff through our interactive, on-site work with your team.


Remote DBA Support Services


Business Challenge

Companies today are discovering that finding and hiring experienced Oracle IT professionals is more challenging than ever before. While many new professionals are entering the Oracle discipline, it will be years before they have the experience necessary to support what can be an extremely complex environment.

When a company does find an experienced Oracle professional, the salary demands are typically high and employee retention becomes an issue as most of these professionals desire variety and new challenges. When a company hires a less-experienced professional, retention is no less a concern. That professional may build his or her Oracle knowledge over a period of years and then leave, taking his or her understanding of the company’s systems and neglecting to document processes for those left behind. Even ideal Oracle resources take vacation or need to utilize sick days, leaving a company’s systems vulnerable for unpredictable periods of time.

To ensure seamless operations, companies need 24x7x365 monitoring, expert administration, and the ability to immediately respond to events that threaten the availability of their IT environments. With 16 years of managed services experience, Europora provides peace of mind that your systems are protected – all the time.

Solution Overview

Europora provides expert-level support for all Oracle Database, middle-tier, Unix OS, Linux, E-Business Suite, and SQL Server system needs. We maintain and enhance the reliability, stability, and redundancy of clients’ IT systems through proactive system monitoring, administration, and proposed modifications following industry best practices and years of field-proven Oracle support experience.

We can also implement the latest technology that best fits your business and technology needs and provide training and mentoring to ensure your staff is up to date on system technologies.


Along with peace of mind, benefits of Europora Remote DBA Support include:

• Reliable service—24x7x365 monitoring and expert administration ensure you receive immediate response to events that threaten the availability of your IT environment.

• Improved system performance and reduced downtime—Experienced technicians implement new technology features and perform the latest upgrades, maximizing uptime and system performance.

• Better staffing efficiency—Eliminate concerns about employee turnover, vacations, and sick days. Complete your IT projects faster and at a lower cost.

• Better customer service—Issues are detected and addressed before they become end user problems.


Oracle E-Business Suite System Administration and Patching Services


Europora’s certified Oracle E-Business Suite Administrators has unique, in-depth experience in the all aspects of Oracle E-Business Suite administration services, routinely providing a wide range of services to enterprise-level customers.

Europora experts is ready to provide range of services from routine on-going pro-active monitoring and maintenance to complete outsourcing of your Oracle E-Business Suite administration and support needs. Our offer includes:

Install, Patch, Clone, Recover, Upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite

• Planning and designing Multi-Tier Architecture following Oracle best practices.

• Installing Oracle E-Business Suite.

• Applying the latest Oracle E-Business Suite patches.

• Determining available Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade paths and planning upgrades.

• Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite QA and production environments.

• Cloning.

• Defining or reviewing existing Oracle E-Business Suite cloning and clone refresh procedures.

• Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite production environment to testing environments.

• Backup and Recovery Management.

• Defining or reviewing existing Oracle E-Business Suite backup and recovery procedures.

• Testing Oracle E-Business Suite backup and recovery procedures.

• Performing and verifying regular Oracle E-Business Suite backups.

• Automating Oracle E-Business Suite backup procedures.

• Recovering Oracle E-Business Suite from backup in emergency situations.

Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

• Resolving Oracle E-Business Suite technical problems.

• Co-managing, filing, escalating Oracle Support SRs.

Service Health Check

• Monitoring system, concurrent manager, workflow, and database logs.

• Resolving observed problems.

• Monitoring of host services (processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files).

Resolving Observed Problems

• Monitoring disk space capacity, objects reaching maximum extents, and amount of free space in database.

• Monitoring database statistics using STATSPACK or ADDM packages. Prepare regular reports.

• Monitoring database tables statistics collection processes.

Other Administration Tasks

• User, role, responsibility, privilege administration.

• Concurrent manager maintenance and queue monitoring.

• Performance tuning and pro-active measurements of future planning.

• Purging old concurrent requests data.

• Printers maintenance in Oracle E-Business Suite.

• Applying Oracle E-Business Suite patches, patch sets and maintenance packs.

• Applying Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack (DB, Application Server) patches.


Yearly Support Agreements


Europora’s Support Agreement covers that the customer will be given the required support and consultancy regarding fulfilment of the support services upon request of the customer.

Support and Consultancy Services will be given at the customer offices or remote access method in line with time and project charts.

Oracle Database, Application Server, Dataguard, Security Products Support can be categorized in two groups

Preventive services;

• Weekly checks based on CIA principles (Continuity, Integrity and Availability)

• Examining the usage of disc and memory.

• Reviewing of scheduled Backups.

• Delivering the findings with the customer’s project manager.

If needed based support;

• Resolving possible performance or locking problems in the system.

• Applying and practicing the emergency plans of Oracle database (Replication actions performed using various technologies such as Oracle Streams, Dataguard etc.)

• Putting additional functions, which are not in the standard database, in use (Such as security, Partitioning).

• Performing restore and recovery actions or cloning.

• Performing data input and data transfer actions.

• Support of Oracle products and modules which are added to the customer systems.

• User trainings.

All the possible changes/actions on systems need to be shared and approved in written by the customer Project manager before the changes. All the changes/actions needs to be logged and logs needs to be shared after the change.